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The Song of Purple Summer

all shall know the wonder

2 February
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hello there ...

by some sort of miracle of modern technology you have stumbled across what we here like to call mirror_blue's journal *fanfare of horns* what you shall find in here, if it is to your pleasure, is a veritable cornucopia of rants, fangirl and normal, and general updates on me. for some sort of idea what you might find in here take a little gander at the panel to the right and you'll be sure at some point of the other I will be making mention of them. so with this being said come on in and enjoy, please friend me if you wish and who knows I may have some extra special friends only goodies for you. sit back, relax and enjoy ...

current obsession;;
All Time Low. Anna Nalick. Bloc Party. Brooke Fraser. CLASSIXX. Cobra Starship. Demi Lovato. Fall Out Boy. Friendly Fires. Gym Class Heroes. Imogen Heap. Incubus. John Mayer. Lostprophets. Maroon 5. Panic! at the Disco. Patrick Wolf. The Academy Is.... The Cab. The Dresden Dolls. The Hush Sound. The Killers. The Rocket Summer. We The Kings.
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Little Miss Sunshine. High Fidelity. 10 Things I Hate About You. Brick. Nightmare Before Christmas. HSM. Hairspray. Harry Potter. Love Actually. All About My Mother. Romeo and Juliet. Magnolia. Stardust. Trainspotting. Twilight.
BtVS. The OC. Gilmore Girls. Veronica Mars. Futurama. Friends. Doctor Who. Pushing Daisies. Supernatural. Heroes. Angel. House MD.
Alexa Chung. Amanda Palmer. Anne Hathaway. Eliza Dushku. Eva Green. Hayley Williams. Jac Vanek. Kate Winslet. Keira Knightley. Keltie Colleen. Nora Zethetner. Megan Fox. Rachel Bilson. Scarlett Johansson. Sarah Michelle Gellar.
Boyd Holbrook. Hugh Jackman. James McAvoy. Jamie Bell. Joe McFadden. Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Michael David. Milo Ventimiglia. RPattz. Zac Efron.

Stylesheet by refuted